Group Seeks to Begin Recall of Some Members of the Central City School Board


Three members of the Central City School Board could be facing a recall as a group called "Time for Change, Time to Move Forward" has filed an affidavit with the Merrick County Clerk to begin the recall process.

The filing specifically seeks to begin the process of recalling school board president Dale Palser and board secretary Steve Belitz. The group says they have in mind a two-part plan of action which would also eventually seek to recall board member Kent Malm.

The group says the call for change is not meant to be retaliation for the recent controversial decision to fire Darin Garfield from his position as football coach. They say instead that it was that decision that "put a spotlight on a system that has been counterproductive to the best interests of the students and staff of Central City Public Schools for some time."

According to the recall group, the process needs to happen now because the school district is facing many issues that the school board is not adequately addressing. "The only course of action that remains is for the public to recall those school board members that have stood in the way of the improvements that are so desperately needed," a press release from the group stated.

The group says in order for Central City Public Schools to be a place they can be proud of, they need school board members that are "willing to ask the hard questions of the administration and to take corrective measures if necessary."

Petition carriers will head out in mid-July to attempt to gather the 449 signatures need to hold a recall election. Petition signers must be registered voters in the Central City School District.