Grow a Pizza Garden for a Fun Family Project


Growing a pizzagarden is a fun project for the whole family to get involved in.

This fun gardenis even shaped like a pizza. In your garden area, mark off a circle byputting a stake upright in the ground. Attach a 3 1/2 foot piece ofstring to the stake. Keeping the string tight, walk around in a circleand mark the ground to show the garden's border. Then divide the circle intosix equal wedges.

In your pizzagarden plan to grow three vegetables and three herbs:

  • Oregano is a perennial herb that gives pizza the characteristic taste and wonderful smell. It may be used fresh or dried. In one wedge plant 2 or 3 oregano plants.
  • Parsley is a biennial herb that reseeds itself. Plant 2 or 3 plants in its wedge.
  • Basil is an annual herb and you can plant 2 to 3 plants in its wedge. There are several kinds of basil varieties, but I recommend sweet basil for your pizza garden.
  • Onions can be planted from seeds or sets. Select red, white or yellow for your garden. You can plant up to 30 onion sets in your garden.
  • Plant 1 or 2 pepper plants in your garden. Plant any green, sweet, bell type of pepper. If you like hot, spicy pizza, plan to also grow a hot pepper variety.
  • The final wedge will be planted with one tomato plant. A paste tomato variety, such as Roma, is recommended for your pizza garden. Roma has small, oblong tomatoes with a thick meaty flesh.