Guide Rock Community In Shock After Stabbing


A rural Webster County community struggles to understand a brutal attack on one of their own.

It's been a week since 68 year old Virginia Barone was found stabbed to death in Guide Rock.

Neighbors we talked to today describe her as a nice woman who always tried to help people, but now residents here are fearful and trying to cope with the fact that something like this could happen in their home town.

"It, I think it was a really big shock that something like this happened here and it's still a town like you don't have to, you didn't have to lock your doors and now you do," said Guide Rock resident Summer Hansen. "I think it's really scary especially with me and my kids it's just like now we have to like lock everything and we just want to have like extra protection and stuff. I think it was just shocking."

Investigators say 41 year old Shelley Casterline confessed to the killing. She and her son, 23 year old Andrew Casterline were arrested a day later for a mugging in Iowa.