Guilty Plea Entered in Sidney Shooting Case

Billy Fields

A man has pleaded guilty to having a part in the drug-related murder of Adam McCormick that took place in Sidney, Neb. last November.

Billy Fields, 35, has pleaded guilty to being an accessory to a felony as part of a deal worked out with prosecutors. Fields will also testify against James Custer's trial.

James Custer is accused of second-degree murder after allegedly fatally shooting McCormick on Nov. 3 in Sidney. Police say they think the two men were arguing over $160 in drug money after witnesses reported the two were arguing before the shooting.

Officers found Adam McCormick lying in the driveway of a Sidney home with bullet wounds in his abdomen and leg when they arrived. He died later at a hospital.

Prosecutors say Fields and Custer's girlfriend, Amber Davis, both helped Custer flee to Big Springs after the shooting, and then provided misleading information to police.

Davis faces two misdemeanor charges, and she's due back in court on Jan. 28.