Gun and Ammo Stockpile Found in Michael Petersen's Home


New developments have been uncovered in the case againstMichael Petersen.

Numerous guns and a stockpile of ammunition were found in the58-year-old Nebraska man's home. Petersen was charged with killing his formerdivorce lawyer and his ex-wife earlier this month.

Authorities searched Petersen's property near Glenvil afterthe Nov. 13 shootings and found at least a dozen guns, 13 boxes of riflebullets and more than 100 other bullets and shells. The vehicles authoritiesbelieve were used in the shootings were also found in the search.

Petersen has been charged with two counts of first-degreemurder, one in Buffalo Co. for the alleged murder of his ex-wife Nancy Petersen and theother in Hall Co. for the alleged murder of attorney Todd Elsbernd.

Prosecutors said heused a rifle to shoot Nancy outside her home in Kearney and then drove to GrandIsland and where he killed Todd Elsbernd.

Elsbernd represented Michael Petersen in his 2005 divorce toNancy.

Petersen's preliminary hearings are scheduled for Jan. 21.