Gun and Coin Show Held In Kearney


Local gun shop owners say the threat of legislation is creating a stigma surrounding firearms, but gun enthusiasts are trying to fight it.

The 16th annual Spring Gun and Coin Show was held in Kearney over weekend, with a mix of collectibles and new in–box weapons up for sale.

Gun shop owners say sales have dipped since the rush of sales last year, and though no major gun legislation has passed, they say Nebraskans are still safe.

"It's our right to be honest with you, it also helps a lot of the people who wouldn't see that it's not a bad thing," said Don's Hobby Guns business owner Katie McCaslin. "People do go through background check, Nebraska firearms purchase permits are required, conceal carry to buy handguns from dealers, so I mean, it's not the bad thing people make it out to be."

Next's years event is already scheduled for April.