Hagel Confirmed in Senate, Vet. Group Pleased With Outcome


Former Senator Chuck Hagel has become the nation's next Secretary of Defense.

His nomination cleared a republican senate filibuster in a 71 to 27 vote Tuesday and later squeezed through a full senate vote with a 58 to 41 majority.

Republican Sen. Deb Fischer voted in opposition to Hagel's nomination while Sen. Johanns voted in favor.

Hagel's nomination was subject to harsh criticism because of past statements on sensitive political and national security matters.

Over 200,000 members of celebrated the confirmation of Hagel.

The group collected more than 8,000 petition signatures from veterans, backing Hagel's nomination.

Supporters sent a total of over 18,000 emails to their senators, covering all 50 states and all 100 senators.

The group was also vocal in op-ed's and all over the country in support of the nomination.