Hall County's Election Commissioner Pleased


Election lines ran long at various polling places across the state of Nebraska; and in Hall County, it was no different. Election Commissioner of Hall County, Dale Barker, told NTV News that this will be a "historic election" for Hall County.

"I think voter turn-out is better than imagined. The polling places are all very busy. Early voters were more than ever expected. They bogged us down, but we got through it," said Barker.

NTV's DaVonte McKenith reports that entrances to some voting locations had to be monitored due to overcrowding inside some of the designated voting locations. Officials further report that polling places were at a climax in productivity around 4 p.m. Tuesday. First-time voters even made their way to the polls with a clear decision with what they would like to see changed after the election.

"Healthcare. I believe that what's going on now is kind of ridiculous, and it needs to change," said Samantha Rivera, first-time election participant.

For a view of where Hall County stands in Election 2012, visit NTV's coverage here.