Hall County Increases Raises, More Funds for Stuhr Museum


Stuhr Museum gets a raise, and so do Hall County employees, as budget talks come together.

On a split vote, the Hall County board decided to increase funding for the museum. Stuhr Museum had been budgeted for $840,000, but that will be increased to $860,000.

Raises are all the talk in these budget hearings, after voting to give jail employees bigger raises than other departments.

That created hard feelings from staff in other departments.

Casey Sherlock from the county road department said, "The bulk of my employees are under a union contract, that isn't up for another year. I anticipate that will come up. I have not heard much from non-union employees, but I know it's on their mind, wondering what's going on there."

County leaders enjoyed pizza, as budget hearings continue.

Jail employees were set to get an 8.75 percent raise, and all other offices a 3.5 percent raise.

Some said that wasn't fair, and could make some feel like second class citizens.

County Supervisor Gary Quandt said, "A bag of groceries cost an employee in county attorney office the same as in the register of deeds or whatever. We've got to treat our employees fairly."

Thursday, the board rescinded the increase to the jail, and decided to give a five percent raise to all non-union employees.

And they're going to do a salary study, which could determine another round of raises up to 3.75 percent in January.

Two of the most visible elected officials - the sheriff and county attorney had been pushing for higher pay, saying they need it to retain good employees.