Hampton Farm Hosts Lavender Festival


On Saturday people got a chance to see the many uses of an alternative crop being grown on a farm near Hampton.

The Klawonn family started Country Lavender Farm to supplement their corn and soybean operation. They held their second annual Lavender Festival to show the plants’ use in aroma and food products.

Mim Klawonn says a winter kill hit them hard this year, but the crop is well suited for Nebraska weather and soil.

"It's a little bit temperamental, where most people think that you have to water it all the time, they don't like to have wet feet, so they're a very drought tolerant plant, so that helps being in Nebraska,” she says.

Country Lavender Farm distills oil from the harvested plant and puts in products they sell like lotions and linen sprays. Edible buds can also be used in cooking.

The farm is open on weekends through September.

Click HERE to learn more about Country Lavender Farm.