Harlan County Dam Playhouse Receives 24K to Repair Storm Damages


Republican City almost lost their theater due to a severe storm a couple weeks ago. Wednesday the village board decided to fund $24,000 to repair the damage.

The Harlan County Dam Playhouse is living by the motto the show must go on.

The roof was damaged and there's water damage throughout the building. Despite this, playhouse officials say they are still putting on a show this weekend. Storm damage forced the theater to place plastic wrap on seats. Pots and pans fill the aisles to collect rain drops.

“The leaks would start one place and it would go to another place and it would break off and we’d have two, so we were always checking which leaks we had,” said Kris Davies.

With a damaged roof, water destroyed many of the costumes that have been around for more than twenty years.

With the theatre in this condition, it was an easy 4-0 vote for the village board to put up $24,000 towards the building.

“We’re a little lacking in some of business right now so it helps just another aspect of people coming to the lake to have something to do even if it’s rainy days,” explained Sara Hammond.

Hammond reports the money will come from old taxes.

The theater will be performing the play “Nunsense” this Saturday and Sunday.