Harlan County Equestrian Trail


Get your horse ready and saddle up for the trails at the Harlan County Resevoir.
"It's just being out there with your horse and a couple of your good friends," said rider Alan Zastrow.
But a couple of years ago, following the trails was nearly impossible. Overgrowth and wet marshy areas halted where the horses could go. So a Dave duo, Dave Wolf and Dave Horton,
rebuilt the trails with permission from the Army Corps of Engineers.
"Just riding along the county roads and across the fields, sometimes you can do that, but it
just gets a little old. So we just decided that this was a good place to ride because it's away
from traffic and like I said the scenery is great," said Dave Horton.
The lake provides a beautiful view and you never know who will go slithering by. The trail is twelve miles long but you don't have to ride the whole thing.
"With gas prices the way they are, it's a little bit harder hauling horses all around the county. You can take an afternoon and just ride a little bit. You don't have to go a great deal, you can make the decision in the morning if you want to come down here and just come down and
ride," said Dave Wolf.
The Daves first began rebuilding the trails so their horses could warm up for longer rides that they take in Colorado and the Black Hills, but they encourage everyone to come out and use them.
"Most of the people that have come have actually helped to help keep them open and maintain them. They're interested in having a good trail here."
And a good trail just adds to the many things folks can do at the resevoir.
You can take in the whole gamet with the hunting and fishing and the ATV's and we have the equestrian trail. So there's a lot to do here in the Harlan County lake area.
The trail is completely free, you just have to saddle up and ride your own horse.

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