Harlan County Reservoir


Many people know Harlan County Reservoir for its summertime activities, but it also has many winter surprises as well.
It's a good place to watch for eagles because there's a lot of waterfowl, ducks, and geese. Thousands of ducks and geese annually migrate to the area, but the big attraction is the number of bald eagles that fly in.
If you want to catch a glimpse of them, you better hurry, because their peak season is now. They typically come through in October and November and peak around mid-January.
The very snowy conditions limited our view of the eagles, but we were able to see a couple.
Whether they're in your backyard or not, be sure to go to Harlan County Reservoir to check out America's favorite bird.
The best time to view the eagles is early in the morning.
You can call ahead to 308-799-4600 and they'll gladly tell you if they've seen any eagles that day.

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