Officials Advise Caution on Roadways During Harvest Season


Harvest season is underway in some areas of the Midwest, prompting officials to remind drivers of the extra attention that is necessary to avoid a disastrous accident.

The Nebraska State Patrol reminds drivers that harvest season brings an increase in agricultural equipment on the road.

"It is an important time of year for drivers to exercise caution, especially on our rural roadways," said Colonel David Sankey, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol.

Combines, grain carts, tractors and other harvest tools typically travel at slower speeds and due to their size, visibility is often reduced for everyone on the road which can increase the risk of an accident.

For this reason, state patrol officials are urging drivers to be cautious when approaching, following or attempting to pass farm vehicles.

"In addition to farm vehicles, motorists are also encouraged to watch out for wildlife often shifting locations due to the increase in activity," Sankey added.

Officials are also reminding those participating in harvest activities of ways to keep everyone safe.

The agency says implement operators should travel on the shoulder whenever available and use Slow Moving Vehicle warning triangles and caution lights when traveling on the road.

Additionally, when turning left from a roadway into a field or farm entrance, operators are cautioned to be aware of vehicles attempting to pass them. And whenever possible, officials say to buckle up.