Harvest Moon Farms


Hop aboard the hayrack ride and begin your search for the great pumpkin at {A href="" target=_blank}Harvest Moon Farms, but don't get lost in the eight acre maze.
"A lot of times people think pumpkin patches are just for toddlers and if you don't have a toddler, you shouldn't come. But we have a lot of activities all ages enjoy," said owner Jan Rodehorst.
Some of those include making pumpkins and imaginations take flight. "We have two big hillside slides, there's a small bale maze for children. We have all kinds of farm animals, the corn box is like a swimming pool full of shelled corn and the kids love that. Obviously, there's the hayrack ride. You can pick your own pumpkins and always good things to eat when you're tired and need a break."
So plan on staying an entire fall afternoon, because chances are you won't want to leave.
"Most of the times the kids just play and play and play. We kind of laugh because often when families leave, one of them is crying. We feel bad about that, but they're usually crying because they don't want to leave and often times that's the best compliment we get is that a child wants to stay on the farm," said Rodehorst.
Harvest Moon grows 25 different varieties of pumpkins, one for the big ones and little ones of your group.
"It's fun to watch a child pick their own pumpkin. They look for different things than adults
do and they always come up with one they think is ideal and that's perfect. We like seeing those pumpkins leave with those children."

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