Hassebrook Campaigns in Lexington


Chuck Hassebrook thinks he has formed the strongest Democratic campaign for governor since Ben Nelson was elected two decades ago.

Hassebrook ran unopposed in the Democratic primary earlier this month.

Thursday he campaigned in Holdrege, Lexington and Broken Bow.

Hassebrook says he does not agree with the governor’s plan to eliminate state income tax.

“It will result in shifting taxes to ordinary working families who simply can’t afford to pay more because their earnings have not kept up,” said Hassebrook.

He also wants to raise the state's minimum wage, which is currently at $7.25 an hour, an amount he says has not kept up with inflation. When it comes to education, Hassebrook says he wants to expand preschool programs; he thinks some kids are not always quite ready for kindergarten.

“Give them a hand up in their education so we don’t end up down the road having to spend money on public assistance and prisons because they didn’t get education they needed,” Hassebrook explained.

Hassebrook realizes the state leans red but notes in the last seven governors, three of them were Democrats.