Hassebrook Chooses Jane Raybould for Gubernatorial Ticket


Chuck Hassebrook has chosen a candidate for lieutenant governor to appear alongside his name on the November ballot.

The Democrat says Jane Raybould will join him on the campaign trail, and if they win, in the governor’s office.

After making the announcement in Lincoln Monday morning, Hassebrook and Raybould headed out to start introducing the Lincoln native to voters.

As vice president of B&R Stores, which owns Nebraska grocery stores like Russ’s Market and Super Saver, and as a Lancaster County board member, Raybould says she’s familiar with business and government.

“I’m also really hard working, in the grocery industry it’s very competitive, you have to work really hard as a retailer. I’ve also worked hard as an elected official for Lancaster County, I will work equally hard for the people of Nebraska,” she says.

Hassebrook says he wanted a running mate who could step into the governor’s role on day one if necessary, and feels Raybould is the most qualified. He says she is probably better known in Lincoln and eastern Nebraska than other parts of the state, but believes that will change as they campaign.

“Of course all of us get a lot better known as we run, but I will tell you this - when Nebraskans get to know Jane, they’re going to like her because she’s a bulldog, she’s a fighter, to make government work for them and to make government efficient and cost-effective,” says Hassebrook.

Raybould says Nebraska faces big issues she’s tackled at the local level, like Medicaid expansion, which she says would have helped Lancaster County.

“This is a tremendous amount of federal funds - $2.3 billion that would’ve benefited the taxpayers of Nebraska greatly, not to mention the single adult population that this Medicaid expansion would’ve covered,” she says.

It’s something she wants to discuss with voters as the campaign trail winds on.

“This is a fundamentally important issue to all counties across the state of Nebraska because this impacts our ability to really make sure that we provide property tax relief to our tax payers,” she says.

Hassebrook and Rabould will face Republican Pete Ricketts and his lieutenant governor pick, current Lt. Gov. Lavon Heidemann, in the November election.

The Ricketts campaign did not have a comment on Hassebrook’s running mate, but Nebraska Republican Party Chair J.L. Spray released a statement criticizing Raybould as “a long-time activist and supporter of the Democratic Party and an array of ‘progressive’ causes.”