Hastings Awarded Grant for Potential Renovation, Expansion of City Auditorium


The city of Hastings has been awarded $750,000 to be used in the renovation and potential expansion of the Hastings City Auditorium.

The state awarded the grant through the Civic and Community Center Financing Fund after a 2013 study found there is significant demand in Hastings for event space to accommodate 200 to 400 attendees. A separate study focusing on the revitalization of downtown Hastings found that area would benefit from a conference and convention center in that space leading the city to target the City Auditorium.

Mayor Vern Powers will create a project committee to review proposals, negotiate with developers and make a recommendation to the City Council.

”This is an exciting opportunity for Hastings,” said Powers, “this community is aggressively pursuing new opportunities for growth and development, and this grant award and potential development project are a clear sign that it is a great time to live in Hastings, Nebraska."

A timeline for the project is not currently known.