Hastings Bringing in More Business


A study completed a year ago is helping to bring business to Hastings.

The retail study revealed residents wanted more family restaurants in town, and this Thursday Perkins will open.

Additionally, Russ’s Market opened up this past month in Hastings. The superstore allows people to do all their grocery shopping in one place.

In 2013, the study revealed residents would do some of their shopping in Grand Island, Lincoln and Omaha. The Chamber of Commerce thinks everything you need to shop for is in Hastings.

“If you’re going to find things, try what you can in Hastings and then after that you do what you need to do,” said Tom Hastings, Chamber president.

To spread buzz, the city created a community blog informing people of things to do, restaurants to eat at, places in which to shop and upcoming events.

The next step is to bring more clothing stores to the area as the survey also found many people did not think Hastings had enough shops for women’s and children’s clothing. However the challenge remains, some stores will not come to a city with a population smaller than 50,000 people.