Hastings College Freshmen Learn About Community Service Before Classes Begin


Hastings College incoming Freshmen already learning before classes even start.

Students load and sort bags of food and hygiene products collected from Hastings residents Saturday morning. It's part of a new student weekend volunteer service project, to help the Adams County food pantry.

Volunteers say it's a great way for students to learn about the community while raising awareness as well.

"I think it definitely puts in the Freshman's minds early on that service is a big part of Hastings College," said Junior volunteer Nicole Delphin. "And it helps them to remember in future years that service learning is really important here so it opens that possibility."

"The food itself is obviously important but awareness is a bigger deal," said Senior volunteer Nick Masada. "I think if we can get this entire class to take food and policy and everything that goes along with it and really run with it for the next four years beyond that have a really big impact."

Roughly 300 freshman helped with this project, collecting over 33 hundred pounds of food.