Hastings College Hits One Month Mark with New President


Colleges and universities across the state are feeling the pressure to increase enrollment numbers, that's why many students at Hastings College worried about a sudden change in campus leadership.

But one month after new president Don Jackson took to the office, student's say they're not as worried.

After the resignation of Dennis Trotter, Jackson was elected as his successor.

"The transition has been easier than everyone expected," said vice president of the HC Student Association, Allison Kern.

Kern is getting ready to attend dental school next year, and says students are much more confident about the transition now, than they were one month ago.

"He's made a big impact in his first month here. He's been to a couple of our student association meetings and he just makes his face known."

Jackson says he knows the news of Trotter's resignation came as a shock to many.

"It was really important to get to know the student body right away," Jackson said.

Jackson says he brings extensive business experience to the role, at a time when many schools are struggling.

"The number of students in high school in Nebraska is not going up quickly. So many colleges, particularly private colleges, are feeling the enrollment pinch," he said.

Hastings College saw a slight decline in enrollment last fall, and one of Jackson's top priorities is getting that turned around.

However, business isn't the only hat he's wearing in this new role. "My fundraising hat; it's really important that we continue to generate scholarship dollars. We've got some long term projects we need to work on, so there is no end to challenges."