Hastings College Prepares for $6 Million Dorm Renovations


A $6 million residence hall renovation is set to begin this summer at Hastings College.

Bronc, Babcock and Taylor halls have been picked for upgrades.

New lobbies, renovated lounge, kitchen and laundry spaces, new study rooms and in-room climate control are all in the plans, according to college officials.

Right now HC staff and students are working with architects to finalize and prioritize projects.

Students have their own list of priorities.

"I would like to see nicer bathrooms for the first renovations because the bathrooms here aren't the nicest. They could do a lot of work with that," said Caleb Dodge, a freshman living in Bronc Hall. "Maybe better lounge areas [with] more couches, more TVs that people could hang out in."

Two challenge grants - $3 million from an anonymous donor and $500,000 from the Peter Kiewit Foundation - will help pay for the upgrades.

You can see the plans here.