Hastings Hosting Softball Tournament in 2012, 2013


It is a home run for the town of Hastings as they were able to keep the state softball tournament in town instead of moving it to Bellevue. The move was put on hold because some of the new buildings are incomplete.

"This was supposed to be the year we were supposed to move this championship in Bellevue," said Jim Angele, assistant director for the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA). "One of the requirements for that complex was to build a series of press-boxes, and due to last year's flooding in the Bellevue area, they were unable to finish construction on those press-boxes."

The original plan was to allow Bellevue and Hastings to alternate hosting.

"Every other year Bellevue would host it, then Hastings would host it. It was a four year agreement based on those two cities," said Angele.

However, Hastings will have the honor of hosting the tournament this year and again next year. In 2014, it will be hosted in Bellevue. In the past, the NSAA voted five-to-one to move the tournament to Hastings from Omaha. Omaha is where the event was hosted for the past 14 years; the five-to-one vote comes from an appeal the Hastings facility issued.

"This is the best complex in the state. This has seven fields here we can use; four for playing, [and] three for warming up. The center building is tremendous in terms of the upper space for the press box, etc.," said Angele.

Town officials agree that the town of Hastings alone is enough reason to have the tournament hosted there.

"When you look at an event like what we have here in Hastings, you can probably put it in a deal that big things do come in small packages. We are excited that we can have this event here," said Tom Hastings, president for the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce.