Hastings Library Searching for Final Piece to RENEW Campaign


The Hastings Public Library is edging closer to raising enough money to do a multi-million dollar renovation.

The library plans to use $1.5 million in city sales tax money, and is privately raising another $3.5 million.

Director Amy Hafer says they have about $1 million left to raise. They're calling it the "Final Piece" and say these donations will go toward their youngest users.

"Children's service is about 50 percent of our time and our business, and so this last million will be focused on raising $1 million to make sure that we provide adequate space and facilities for the children," says Hafer.

Also at the Hastings Library, April 18 is Fine Free Friday, so all overdue books and items can be returned with no penalty.

It's also the first day library card holders can learn about a new digital music service Hastings will be offering called "Freegal," which offers free music downloads and streaming after downloading an app.

Click HERE to visit the Hastings Public Library website.