Hastings Mother, Boyfriend Accused in Death of 4-Year-Old Son in Court Thursday

Matthew Edwards

It appears a Hastings couple charged with negligent child abuse resulting in death will not be getting out of jail anytime soon.

Both Matt Edwards and Amanda Pecor asked a judge Thursday to reduce their bonds.

However, the Adams county attorney said they may be a flight risk. Donna Fegler Daiss said when they were arrested, they had $1,000 and a vehicle loaded with clothing.

She said, "It looks like they're trying to leave town."

Defense attorneys said that was not the case. Michelle Oldham, the attorney for Edwards said the money was to hire a lawyer, and that the vehicle was packed so Edwards could stay at a relative's home in Wood River.

Oldham said Edwards would go back to work, if released from jail.

"It's a horrific situation for all of them," she said. "My client isn't going anywhere."

Pecor's attorney said she had $2.70 on her, with no clothes and no personal belongings at the time of arrest.

"She was not trying to avoid arrest," the attorney said.

But Fegler Daiss, the prosecutor said, "They were headed some place other than to turn themselves in."

Pecor and Edwards have each been charged with child abuse following the shooting death of Pecor's four-year-old son. Police say Pecor's nine–year–old son shot Beau Pecor with a .22 rifle on April 18, killing him.