Hastings Police Department Busy with Many Investigations


Investigators with the Hastings Police Department have their hands full with almost a dozen different crimes just within the past week.

They're all crimes against property, ranging from burglary to graffiti and vandalism; and all took place in different parts of town.

Progress is being made in some of the cases, which appears to have affected both residences and businesses.

"We do have evidence in a few of the cases. We have some physical evidence and some cases that have video that go along with them from surveillance cameras," said Hastings Police Captain Adam Story. "So we'll be working the cases both off the physical evidence that have been collected by investigators and then sometime we do use the videos or surveillance videos to try to id people in the cases."

While officials say it's not the worst rash of crime they've seen, keeping a watchful eye can be key to helping them out.

"You know a community is a big asset that we have that reports things to us, and that's how we get a lot of crime solved is people reporting suspicious people to us," said Story.

Officials say simple measures like keeping cars locked and keeping valuables out of plain sight can be key to keeping someone from breaking windows to take items. They also encourage residents to report suspicious activity to authorities.