Hastings Public Library Helps Parents Get Children Ready to Read


The Hastings Public Library is presenting a workshop series that demonstrates to parents what they can do to help their children develop important skills needed to learn to read.

Language and literacy skills need to be developed in young children before they are able to learn to read. The workshop shows parents five familiar and easy-to-use practices they can use to develop those skills in children from birth to age five, according to the Hastings Public Library.

Each of the Every Child Ready to Read® workshops explains why theskills are so important, demonstrates how to help children learn the skills,provides titles of high-interest books that are age appropriate, and sendsparents and caregivers home with early literacy activities they can incorporateinto their family's daily routine.

Children who start kindergarten with well-developed early literacy skills havean advantage. "Reading is essential to school success," said KathySchultz, children's librarian at Hastings Public Library. "Children who start school ready to learnto read have greater success throughout their school years."

The first workshop for parents, grandparents and other childcare providers will be held at the library on Tuesday, Jan. 29, from6:30-7:30 p.m. and will be repeated on Sunday, Feb. 17, from 2-3p.m.

Registration is not required and there is no charge to attend. Call the library at 402-461-2346 or go to for moreinformation.