Hastings Salvation Army Open As Cooling Center

Extreme temperatures finally target Central Nebraska this week, and one Hastings organization takes extra measures to keep Adams county residents cool.

The Hastings Salvation Army opens their doors this week as a cooling center for those needing to beat the heat.

It's the first time this summer they've been open for this, offering water, snacks, and possibly a movie while cooling off.

Officials say they just want people to be safe.

"The thing to be aware of, it doesn't take very much to react to extreme heat temperatures, so people should not put that off, they should be very careful how they monitor themselves and come in for assistance," said Major Abe Tamayo. "We have facilities, we have resources available to them and we're happy to help them in prevention as opposed to treatment afterwards."

Adams County residents can also schedule an appointment if they're needing a box fan.

The cooling center will be open from noon until 4 p.m. this entire week, and will be extended if needed.

REPORTER'S NOTES: Adams County residents are encouraged to call the Salvation Army at 402/463/0529 if they're in need of a box fan, especially for those who are elderly, ill, or are struggling financially.