Hastings Salvation Army Prepping Food Boxes, Toys For Christmas


Many will get the chance to enjoy presents and other festivities during this Christmas holiday season, and one Hastings organization is making it their priority to ensure their neighbors in Adams County can do the same.

Towering stacks of boxes fill the Hastings Salvation Army sanctuary, as packing continues for their annual Christmas box food and toy drive.

Officials say the need for help is growing. About 350 applicants will get these boxes, up more than 60 from last year, making volunteers take notice.

"I didn't think it was as bad as it really is, but there is a need for certain things in the community," said volunteer Ross Richardson.

But officials say as families continue to migrate into Adams County, they want them to feel welcome, especially now.

"As we know, holidays are very hard on people so we want to express that love to them that they're part of the community," said Major Abe Tamayo. "It's part of giving from the community to the communities, so that donations given here in Hastings stay here in Hastings to serve local families and residents."

The Hastings Salvation Army plans to deliver roughly 700 food boxes to families December 20, and those same families will be able to choose toys from the "Christmas Towne Toy Shop" on December 17.

REPORTER'S NOTES: Hastings Salvation Army is always looking for volunteers to help during this holiday season. Information can be found by calling 402-463-0529 or visiting their web site at