Hayes Center Schools Maintain Sustainability


Many rural school districts have to consolidate due to low student numbers, but one southwest Nebraska community seems to be successfully bucking that trend, for now anyway.

The Hayes Center school district has 115 students this year, down only three from last year. But in a town of about 200 people, it's pretty much expected.

The district has improved academically from last year and it's in good shape financially.

Officials say the key to sustainability is to provide the best opportunities for kids.

"We've implemented a strategic plan, an academic strategic plan for our district that we think will expand our horizons," said superintendent Ron Howard. "That will give us a better opportunity to provide for those needs for our kids, and we'll see some potential growth in state rankings in a positive way."

The school district projected student enrollment between 110 and 120 students four years ago and has been consistent with those numbers.