Con: Competition For Hayes Center Businesses


If you're a business owner, staying competitive is key to staying open. The rules get even harder to follow when your business is in a more difficult setting.

Try being the only town in the county. Businesses in Hayes Center face that dilemma with only a population of about 250.

Being roughly 50 miles away from either McCook or North Platte may have its challenges, but entrepreneurs here understand they don't necessarily have to compete with the bigger communities.

"I think it might be hard to sustain more than one business of that like product. I don't think you'd want two grocery stores or two gift shops, you know," said business owner Connie Brott. "I think that might be a little too hard on that small of area."

"I think any time you can have business in town and people support it I think that's wonderful," said Hayes County Treasurer Rita Erickson. "And it makes the whole community thrive because it brings people in to look at the place and then it does give employment to some people which is real beneficial to the community."

Business owners also get creative in their sales techniques using social media and forming a co-op to keep a grocery store in town.