Hastings College Opens Revamped Student Union


A few small changes to one Hastings College building mean big changes for the student body. The new look of the Hazelrigg Student Union will be a surprise to some who were away on winter break and the college's January J-Term.

The Hazelrigg Student Union building has been around since 1962, and it hasn't had an update in 20 years.

VP of Student Affairs, Gilbert Hinga said the new walls, new colors and new atmosphere for socializing are all part of the college experience.

Hinga took part in planning the upgrade project along with the students of the Hastings Student Association.

Student Assoc. President, Kevin Wright, said "We appreciate the openness and giving students a brighter look back there because when you're studying it can get monotonous so it's nice to have more light. I think bigger open rooms promote better thinking for students."

It isn't just about thinking and studying.

Most students have use the science building for breaks and socializing, and students say the student union building should be the place for it.

Wright said "I've been over here to study a couple of times and every time I've been here four to five of the tables have been full and that's just over J-term, students are away on trips and things.

Gilbert Hinga said "When students come back it'll be a good surprise for them to see this livelier colorful place."

School officials say the next item on their agenda is to expand their residence halls.