Health Care Law Questions Continue


Confusion over the Affordable Care Act continues.
But, an informational session held in Grand Island Saturday aimed to make the law more clear.
Some in Nebraska are finding they simply won't benefit.
After years without, Dixie Scofield was hoping new health care laws meant she could get insurance. But, she's finding she's one of the more than 50,000 Nebraskans falling through the cracks. That statistic comes from the AARP. "I'm just stuck in the middle of everything," said the Grand Island resident.
Scofield doesn't make enough to afford insurance through the government's new marketplace, but she makes too much to go on Medicaid – a program her husband is already on.
She says just one of his treatments for multiple sclerosis costs $7,200 a month.
"I have to watch my income because if I make too much money, then they will kick him off Medicaid; and there's no way we could pay," said Scofield. "That's where there's a lot of disappointment right now," said AARP volunteer Chuck Scripter. "The people with low incomes are not getting credit."
Scripter says because Nebraska chose not to expand Medicaid for people under 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, people like Scofield are out of luck for now.
Tax credits are available for people between 100 and 400 percent. That's incomes between $11,490 and $45,960.
"They have to work with their state senators to get that addressed," said Scripter.
But, Scofield says she has written Nebraska lawmakers.
"Basically what I got back from them was, boo hoo. It's too bad. We're all going through rough times," she said.
Scripter says others on Medicare shouldn't worry.
"There's a lot of rumors out that they're going to lose part of their Medicare and we try to dispel that," he said.
Signing up has proved to be difficult. Scripter suggests using the less–busy hotline over the Internet.
"Keep at it," he said.
Scripter says the more people that are signed up, the more everyone will benefit from the new laws. The informational session will be held again on Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. at the Grand Island Public Library.