Health Officials Advise Being Tick Conscious this Spring, Summer


Local health officials are advising the public to be tick conscious as they head outdoors this spring and summer.

The types of ticks most prevalent in Nebraska include the Rocky Mountain wood tick, American dog tick and brown dog tick. Less often, the lone star tick may be found.

These ticks carry diseases such as the Rocky Mountain spotted fever and ehrlichiosis, both of which induce symptoms such as fever, chills, fatigue and more.

Tips to avoid these pests include:
  • Plan ahead when heading to grassy or wooded areas.
  • Perform daily tick checks after being outdoors -- even in your own yard.
  • Check children and pets carefully.
  • Remove an attached tick as soon as possible. Take tweezers and remove the tick close to the insertion site. Health officials advise marking the incident on a calendar since symptoms may not appear until a week or two later.
  • If you do develop signs of illness such as fever, fatigue, headache or muscle aches, seek out medical attention right away for an easier treatment plan.
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