Health Officials Warn of Accidental Poisoning Risks


Eighty-seven people die every day in the United States due to accidental poisonings.

Health care officials are trying to reduce that number during National Poison Prevention week, by turning our attention to hidden dangers in our surroundings.

Anything from prescription drugs to household chemicals can be a potential danger.

"People are swallowing things, people they're spraying things too close," said Two Rivers Public Health Nurse Marsha Carlson. "It gets in their eyes sometimes, just all kinds of things."

Experts recommend safety checklists, and to be diligent everywhere you go.

"Just prevent it as much as you can. Check. Don't take anything for granted. Look around your home, look around your yard. When you go visiting someone, especially if you have small children, don't take it for granted that someone else's house is safe," said Carlson.

Officials say the poisoning threat extends to household pets as well, especially during warmer months, when more people and animals are likely to venture outside or work in their garages. Spring hazards include items such as insect repellents and cleaning solvents.

If there's any chance of accidental poisoning, immediately call the Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 and 911.

National Poison Prevention Week continues through March 23rd.