Oldson to Ask for New Trial in Court Hearing

John Oldson

A Missouri man convicted in a24–year–old cold case murder in Howard County, Neb., is asking for a new trial.

John Oldson, 47, formerly of Ord,Neb., was set to be sentenced Tuesday for the 1989 murder of 30–year–old CathyBeard, but his lawyers say they now have new evidence and a key witness thatcould prove Oldson's innocence.

He was convicted last month ofabducting Beard from the Someplace Else Tavern in Ord, murdering her anddumping her body in a field outside of town. Her remains were found three yearslater.

Prosecutors say there's no forensicevidence linking Oldson to the crime, but a jury convicted him anyway.

He faces 20 years to life in prison.

The motion for a new trial isscheduled for 1 p.m. Monday in Howard County District Court.