Heartland Healthcare Center Update

In November, federal grant money from the Affordable CareAct made it possible for the Heartland Health Center, Inc. board to moveforward with the new community health center in Grand Island.

The federal funds required deadlines, and officials saidthey're getting close to opening their doors.

The Heartland Health Center will bethe states seventh federally operated health center.

After two separate attempts to get agrant an $812,500 federal fund awarded in November, made it possible to build afederally operated health center in Grand Island.

Teresa Anderson with the CentralDistrict health Department is on the Heartland Health Center, Inc. board, Anderson said "We have a long way to goand a short time to get there but we now have a building secure and we got theblue print we're hiring a CEO who will start full time in January."

Terri Wolfgram was in Grand Island onFriday reviewing blueprints at the chosen site. Wolfgram was chosen as the CEOfor the Heartland Health Center.

They're building from the ground up withonly 120 days all together it will offer the community something it does nothave.

Wolfgram said federally qualifiedhealth care allows patients to get consistent quality care based on what theycan afford. She comes from Norfolk Community Health Care Center, an FQHC.

They'll take their first patienton February 27, 2014.