Heat Your Home Safely This Winter


Recent bitter temperatures have many people using space heaters and fireplaces as a source of extra heat, making fire safety an extra important feature in your home.

Kearney Volunteer Fire Department members say they're thankful this season has been quiet so far, but they have a few tips to share that could be the difference between a cozy winter and a tragedy.

Officials say the most common fires during winter months are caused by improper disposal of ashes from wood burning stoves.

Other common heating devices like space heaters have been improved with features like antiā€“tip switches, but officials say it remains important to be cautious.

"Just make sure whatever heating source you're using is in good working condition," shared K.V.F.D.'s Jason Whalen. "If it hasn't been inspected, if you're chimney hasn't been inspected, have it inspected or your heating source. Again, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are very important."

Fire officials recommend buying UL or ETL recommended space heaters, keeping furnaces or chimneys maintained, and keeping space heaters away from combustible materials.