Heineman Supports Bidding Process for Nebraska Veterans Home


Gov. Dave Heineman has shared his support of the competitive bidding process as the state seeks to replace Grand Island's outdated veterans home.

Kearney and Grand Island both expressed interest in the project during an Appropriations Committee hearing on Monday.

Heineman says Grand Island should be "in the driver's seat" for the project due to the fact that the city houses the current veterans home and because of the city's success in bringing people out to the state fair. However, the governor said that competitive bidding is the most transparent and cost-effective approach for the project.

According to Heineman, state law requires competitive bidding for projects that cost more than $50,000. This project is expected to require $47 million in state money, which is needed to receive $74 million in federal funding.

Nebraska lawmakers have also said that workforce availability will need to be considered in deciding the project's location.