Heineman Urges Douglas County Attorney to Seek Death Penalty for Omaha Murders


Gov. Dave Heineman sent Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine a letter Thursday voicing his support in pursuing the death penalty for a man accused of killing four people in Omaha this August.

Kleine has charged Nikko Jenkins with four counts of first degree murder in the August 21 murder of Andrea Kruger, the August 19 murder of Curtis Bradford and the August 11 murder of Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz and Juan Uribe-Pena.

Heineman's letter to Kleine follows:

Dear Mr. Kleine,

I read in the Omaha World Herald this morning that you are likely to seek the death penalty for Nikko Jenkins, who is accused of four counts of first-degree murder. I fully support your decision to seek the death penalty.

As you know, Nebraska has authorized the death penalty for situations such as the senseless murders of Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz, Juan Uribe-Pena, Curtis Bradford, and Andrea Kruger. The movement to abolish the death penalty in our state would have us believe that capital punishment is unjust. However, in my travels around the state, I know that the vast majority of Nebraskans believe that the only just sentence for a criminal who has terrorized the community with repeated murders is death.

I appreciate your commitment to the public safety of the residents of Douglas County and the citizens of the State of Nebraska. Thank you for your service.


Dave Heineman