Heineman Says It's Too Soon to Tell How Govt. Shutdown Will Impact Nebraska


Gov. Dave Heineman says it's too early to say how the federal government's partial shutdown will affect the state of Nebraska, but he says he knows it is time for Congress to get things done.

Heineman said Wednesday that the shutdown wouldn't have much of a short-term impact. But over the long-term, he says it creates uncertainty for Nebraska government officials who work on the state budget.

Heineman says the federal government could address many of its financial problems if it acted more like the states.

"All we ask, as governors, from the federal government is todo what we do here in Nebraska," stated Heineman. "We have a law that says balance the budget, wehave rules and regulations down in the Legislature that say when you have toget the budget out and get it to the governor's desk. We do it all the time.And we do it on time, on budget, and we balance our budget."

"Here we are again,going into a new fiscal year, and we have no idea what's in that budget," he added.

The governor went on to say that Obama needs to step up and use his authority to get Congress to work together on a compromise.