Help Needed to Spot Whooping Cranes Migrating Through Nebraska


Cranes are once again on the move migrating south for the winter and Nebraskans are being asked to watch out for one of North America's rarest bird species -- the whooping crane.

The white cranes are graceful in flight, stand nearly 5 feet tall on the ground and have a wingspan of nearly 8 feet.

The Crane Trust asks that anyone who spots a whooping crane call them at 1-888-399-2824 to report key information, such as: exact location of the cranes; number of cranes; time and date the cranes were observed; what the cranes were doing (feeding, resting or flying); if leg bands/transmitters were visible; if flying, in which direction.

The Crane Trust is a nonprofit group focused on enhancing habitats for and protecting whooping cranes, sandhill cranes and other migratory birds along the Big Bend Region of Nebraska's Platte River Valley.

The whooping cranes are protected under the Endangered Species Act.