Students Build, Run Electric Cars For Power Drive Endurance Rally


As high school students take to the track, public power officials hope they'll find a career.

Thirty-five miles an hour might not seem fast, but to the drivers participating in the Power Drive Endurance Rally it's all about efficiency.

The event teaches students how to build cars with electric motors.

NPPD hopes it sparks an interest in the electrical field, and organizers say this competition is about learning how their car works.

"They have to learn, what does it take to put a car on the road, make that car run efficiently," said NPPD's Mark Miller. "They want to wring as much out of their batteries in an hour as they can."

As for the participants, it's mostly about the accomplishment.

"I think it would be really cool to say I participated in a high school event, get this on the road, got it outside, got it going, got the awareness of people," said Elkhorn student Josiah Black.

Approximately 25 schools from across the state are participating in this event, with two more rallies planned for the coming weeks.

It's sponsored by Omaha Public Power District and Nebraska Public Power District.