Hinrichs All About Family on the Farm


Grooming, feeding, irrigating -- there’s always work to do on the Hinrichs family farm. They do take time out for church along with hunting trips, but life revolves around the farm.

"It's a great place to raise kids, they learn work ethic and responsibilities, day to day decisions," Scott said.

Raising corn, beans, wheat, hay, and cattle is a family effort. Brock enjoys helping his dad with the crops.

"In harvest I run the auger wagon," the high school freshman said.Bailey shows livestock all across the state, and has even been to junior national competitions.

She said, "It's really fun to go out, show what you've been working on the past year, and meeting all the other people who have the same passion as you is a lot of fun."

Bailey just graduated from Adams Central and says many of her classmates don’t understand the effort farming requires.

"I think with the new FFA program they just installed, hopefully that'll help kids realize what goes on in the community and right next door basically," she said.

Brock plans to join that FFA chapter once it forms. And the whole family has been involved in 4-H.

Cindy said, "We learn a great deal from 4-H, a great program, something our family's very involved in and has been for many years."

Scott serves on the county 4-H council and the Youth for Christ board.

They’re trying to pass on a legacy to the next generation, and would love to see this farm stay in the family.

Cindy said, "That's definitely what we hope to do, but it seems they're interested at this point."

Farming has its challenges. Grain markets are pretty rough. But the Hinrichs try to keep things in perspective.

Scott said, "You think wow, we're getting beat up pretty good on prices then you look around, and are thankful for many things. Beautiful place, two healthy kids, loving wife, it's a good life in Nebraska here."

"Very blessed to have found this location and be given this to take care of," Cindy said.

Scott also does some construction work, mostly putting up grain bins and farm buildings. Bailey plans to attend the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis this fall.