History on the Move


History is on the move, as an historic home finds a new home.

The Stuhr House hit the road Tuesday on its way to the museum bearing the same name.

Leo Stuhr gave the gift that started the museum more than 40 years ago, and this is the home he grew up in.

It was next to the JBS Swift packing plant and was moved to make way for parking, and was then itself parked.

Hall County Historical Society President Fred Roeser said, "We've been really concerned that something might happen to the home while it was in storage and we had to store it for a couple of years which we hoped we wouldn't have had to, originally. But it's turned out really good."

Stuhr Museum was happy to take the house, after raising funds to maintain it. That took about two years.

Around 5 a.m. on Wednesday, Highway 281 will be closed on the south side of Grand Island to finish the move.