Hockey Game Salutes Ag Producers


Ag producers don't get any days off from work on the farm or in the field, but Saturday night – a local team said thank you.

Tri-City Storm partnered with the Kearney Chamber of Commerce's ag committee for an ag appreciation dinner at the hockey game.

Hockey officials say many fans and sponsors are related to the ag industry, but last night's event was about much more than that.

"That's our intent is to show appreciation for what they do day in and day out, 365 days a year, ag producers don't get a day off, I mean they're in the field if they're not in the field they're working behind the scenes," said Viaero Event Center President Greg Shea. "So tonight's a chance for them to relax, just for a little bit, and I hope they have fun and feel appreciated."

Saturday night's dinner was also to help fund a scholarship for a student pursuing an ag degree at a Nebraska college.

"I hope they are encouraged to stay in Nebraska," said Farm Credit Service's Cari Haag. "We want to keep our good kids here and promote agriculture since it's huge in Nebraska."

More than 10 ag related groups throughout the tri cities were represented at Saturday night's game.