Holdrege Burglaries Claim Cash and Sense of Security


A string of home burglaries has put many Holdrege residents on edge.

For one woman directly affected by the incidents, it's something that will stay with her for years to come.

"I'd come home and left and that's when they did it, in that one hour span that I was gone."

What she thought was a typical Monday like any other turned out to be a day that won't soon be forgotten for Holdrege resident Stephanie Campana.

"When I got home, I noticed the back gate was open a little bit and something just told me to check on stuff. So I opened my drawer and all of our envelopes that we had our money in had been taken out and the envelopes had been thrown behind the dresser," Campana shared.

After notifying the police she soon realized she wasn't the only one this had happened to in the last 24 hours. Police Chief Dennis DaMoude has been following the cases diligently.

"Early Sunday morning we had at least one individual enter three different places, two residents and one garage by going through unlocked doors and then going through the home, or going through the garage looking for cash," said DaMoude.

Since Monday at least two more residents have been burglarized in the northeast part of town, and with the same plan: looking for cash and entering through unlocked doors.

Though it was only cash that was taken, the emotional and physical burden has carried much deeper for Campana.

"It felt like I got hit by a train, just physically and emotionally. I didn't even want to get out of bed and my shoulder hurts and I just ache. Yesterday was a bad day also. I was just really sore. It's just crazy, I've never had anything like that happen to me," Campana explained.

Authorities believe at least one person, most likely a male, is responsible for the burglaries.

Officials now have footprints as well, thanks to Campana's discovery of it in her back yard.

And while the intruder or intruders took a substantial amount of cash, she says she's glad it's something that can be replaced.

She said, "I'm glad he only took money. He didn't take anything that was close to my heart that I couldn't replace. You can always make more money, but you can't get possessions back."

Anyone with any information on these recent burglaries is encouraged to call the Holdrege Police Department at (308) 995-4407 or Holdrege Crime Stoppers at (308) 995-2424; you may be eligible for an award up to $1,000.