Holdrege Family Takes to Sky For Alzheimer's Awareness


Alzheimer's Disease affects 5 million Americans – 33,000 in Nebraska alone. One Holdrege family is jumping out of a plane – all to raise awareness for the disease.

After packing the parachute and attaching the harness, Ann Tillery attempts only her second jump of her life.

The Longest Day is a worldwide event to honor those who struggle with and those who care for those with the fatal disease.

"This Longest Day is all about getting out there and doing something you enjoy doing, and there's teams from all over the world doing whatever activity they enjoy," said jumper Ann Tillery. "For us it made sense to honor our mother-in-law and my mother with skydiving and we're just having a blast!"

Ann and her stepson Sean, with Skydive Atlas, just recently said goodbye to a loved one who suffered through the disease.

"My grandmother turned 85 and decided to jump with me and that was a very unforgettable moment for her. She took that til the end, she died from Alzheimer's just a few weeks ago at age 94," said Skydive Atlas's Sean Tillery. "She only got one skydive, she thinks she's done many, I didn't ruin that for her, but she loved skydiving and we're celebrating that way."

Skydive Atlas was overbooked with dives throughout the day.

They hope Saturday's event will help raise enough awareness to help fund Alzheimer's research to find a cure.

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