Holdrege High School Chooses Chromebook's over PC's in Classrooms


Walking through the halls of a typical high school you may notice that students are carrying fewer textbooks.

That's because many schools have been using digital textbooks.

And one area school has changed their digital format in hopes to have all grades using them in the near future.

Holdrege High School is one of many in the area who have been using the one-to-one system, a term used when dealing with digital textbooks in the classroom.

But since the start of the school year, students and teachers alike have had new software to get used to.

For the last four years they had been working with a PC program for many core and elective classes. But this year the school has decided to change things up and go with Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are becoming more and more popular for many classrooms using the one-to-one system.

School officials hope this transition will further the use in all classes.

"Ultimately we'd like to get to a point where we're using the technology to its full capacity and kids are progressing through stuff even a little bit quicker than what we had been back in the world of text books," said HHS principal Bob Drews.

Drews says adjusting to the new system and software has been going well in the last couple of weeks, and that it makes it easier for students to communicate with teachers outside of class, to work with one another on projects, and that having a digital world where all of their things can be stored, sent and not lost, is nice for teachers also.

"What I like about google is the collaboration factor where the kids can work together on a document. It's also easier for me to share handouts online and the kids have it quicker and they don't lose it anymore because it's right there for them," said HHS teacher Kristin Olson.