Holdrege Library Receives Grant Money


The Future Funds group, an extension of the Phelps County Community Foundation has been helping it's communities in a big way.

Roughly ten thousand dollars in grant money was awarded to various establishments in need.

The Holdrege Library was recently on that list, and it's the kids that are benefiting from it most.

"This is a computer that has forty or fifty educational games loaded on it. Covering all of the basics that kids need to learn about, but in a fun context," says Library Director, Pam Soriede.

Members pay a monthly due of ten dollars towards yearly grants.

And the more members they have, the more help they can provide.

"As long as it fits kind of the rules of what we fall under it's up to the leadership group what's granted. If we feel like it's going to benefit Phelps County in any way we're pretty likely to go ahead and grand that money as long as we have it," says member Jed Johnson.

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